Food is delicious and, if you do it right, should be nutritious. Many prepackaged foods these days have an unnecessary number of calories for the amount of food you’re eating. These foods are calorie rich with fats and/or sugar. Many cookies are 100-200 calories each! What if you eat three? That could be 400-500 calories. If you eat this it would take at least an hour of walking on the treadmill to burn the excess calories you consumed. You should begin to think about how much work, exercise, and time it would take to burn off the calories that you eat. That might motivate you to slow down while eating sweet and fatty snacks.

As it says in Burn Calories While You Sleep, there is nothing wrong with a little treat every now and again, but a box of cookies is a very destructive way to treat yourself. You deserve better than that. Instead of buying prepackaged treats, make them yourself. Knowing exactly what goes into your food will definitely help you control your caloric intake, and they’ll taste infinitely better. You’ll most likely want to savor your delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie as opposed to wolfing down the preservative-filled cardboard you pulled out of a box.

Many people believe that eating right means never having dessert, but if you are regularly eating healthy meals and working out 3 to 4 times a week the occasional cookie becomes guilt-free. Having a healthy diet doesn’t mean never eating dessert just treating yourself mindfully. Remember eating rule #3: “Desert is not a reward for eating too much (past ‘full’).” Thinking about your eating, rather than mindlessly eating treats, is a big step towards “connecting you mouth to your brain” and getting thin.

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