Most gyms have 10, 20, or even 30 treadmills going at all times. You walk in and everyone is running or walking but going nowhere for hours. They look like little gerbils in a ball with a futile mission. When you walk into the gym, you don’t want to be there all morning or night – you have things to do and a life to live! It’s time to give up most of your treadmill workout. Once you get in the gym you need to move at a fast pace, go from a quick cardio workout (10-15 minutes) to the weights to bust out a Burn Calories workout. Your total work out time should be less than 45 minutes. And ladies, these weights won’t make you bulky or masculine looking, they’ll give you nice, sexy, toned muscles that everyone will envy. Fit and toned is sexy!

It might make sense to run or walk for hours if you were burning thousands upon thousands of calories per hour, but you aren’t. If you are walking at a good pace, most people will only “burn” about 350 calories in an hour. That is about ½ the calories of one Big Mac. So, to burn enough calories to really matter it just takes too much time. Who really has the time to spend 1-2 hours a day on a treadmill?

As we’ve already learned, the best way to burn calories is to create metabolically active, lean (and strong/”trained”) muscle through short duration, but high intensity resistance training workouts. So create and maintain metabolic lean muscle and have it burn calories for you, and increase your metabolic rate all day, every day! It is time to outsource fat burning from your personal time, to your muscles.

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