Abs plays a critical role in your core strength, which is critical to your entire body strength, balance and overall fitness. They also help you look great with or without clothes on.

Toned abs is hard work and you must have the right workout technique to achieve that. A lot of other people and websites suggest you workout 90 minutes a day or do a series of 50 crunches a day. I want you to try a new technique that will allow you to do at least 2,000 crunches per week every week.

When your abs muscles are some of the most metabolically active muscles in your body. These muscles are the key glucose burning system in the body. When you get these muscles in action you will feel the fuel burning that is going on in this energy/glucose-burning factory.

The real key to creating and maintaining amazing abdominal muscles, and the associated alteration of metabolic rate and core strength is the abdominal work that is done every day outside of the regular workout.

  • 40-75 crunches in bed before you get up every morning
  • 80-150 crunches while driving in your car (or watching TV)
    • 40-75 crunches x 2 sets
  • 80-150 coming home from work
    • 40-75 x 2 sets
  • 20-40 crunches or leg lifts (lower abdominal muscle) every night before you go to sleep.

As a result, you will have done 280 crunches per day or 1,960 crunches per week. Let’s add to that the Burn Calories work out where you will have done 200-300 abdominal crunches and leg lifts in each 40-minute workout, three times per week (that’s another 600-900 crunches per week!). You will be at 2,560-3,000 crunches per week!

It sounds insane but in reality, you’re going to be spending 3-5 minutes a day doing between 300-500 crunches. This is the key to the sustainable change in metabolism, fitness and weight loss that I talk in my book.

I do need to give you one warning about these crunches. Be careful to not make it too obvious or grimace too much, especially while you are stuck at a red light, so the person in the car next to you does not think you are either having some major gastrointestinal problem or a sexual encounter while driving. Probably best not to do this while sitting next to a police car as well.

Learn how to do crunches in your car here

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