6961996020_f33a03f378Look around us. Mega meals, value packs, two-for-one meals, huge portions, triple-whoppers, fried foods, stir-in fresh ice-cream stores, etc. Food is everywhere and in quantities and portions that are meant for an everyday feast. We finish a huge meal and they offer us the dessert menu with eight unbelievable and super-sized desserts. We are programmed genetically to eat at all times when there are feasting conditions, so we eat even when we are not hungry and long after we are full. We love those fried foods, fatty foods and especially those sweet carbohydrate treats like cookies, cake, and candy. The land of plenty has made us a land of obesity. How can we reverse this epidemic of over-eating?

Diets are rarely sustainable

Many books and articles have gone too far in prescribing complicated regimens, dietary lists, hundreds of specific weight loss recipes, and rigid calorie counting or other schemes. Fad diets often take it a step further, to regimens that are scientifically unproven, expensive and rarely sustainable.

A More Common Sense Approach

In “Burn Calories”, we are taking a more common sense approach to control of eating. In the end, adapting your food intake to sane levels is even more important in losing weight than exercising for most people. The goal is to make your conscious and logical mind dictate your daily eating habits, rather than boredom or your emotional mind. Critics will say this is too simple and simple minded, and that it will never work. “People already know the rules of eating that you are proposing.” There is some truth to this. I believe that every one of the rules of eating outlined in this blog have been mentioned in some place in almost every fitness and weight loss book before. However, I do not believe that they have been organized into a simple mantra in a way that, hopefully, can be embedded or ingrained in your conscious and unconscious mind as your day-to-day rules for eating.

Transform Your Eating Habits

I want people to focus on some pretty simple and sustainable “Rules of Eating.” These rules may seem so obvious that nutritional experts who write those four-hundred-page diet books will scorn and laugh. I say, “Let’s make some simple life rules that actually work, and can be taught, embedded in your conscious life and allow you to transform your eating habits! These rules are not as much about what you eat but more about how much you eat, creating satiety (sense of feeling full) maintaining satiety without eating huge portions, and in general what I call, “connecting your brain to your mouth!” These dietary rules are common sense, and are about ‘moderation not elimination’!” If you adopt these rules, the average person will eliminate 1,000-2,000 calories a day from their intake of food, with any sense of deprivation. Following these rules can have an amazing effect. This is the equivalent of walking 3-5 hours a day on a treadmill. So take the rules seriously, embrace them and watch as you lose weight rather effortlessly.

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