Sex sells for a reason: everyone wants it. Healthy is sexy and unfortunately most Americans aren’t healthy. It stands to reason if you do not take care of your greatest possession (your body) you may not feel sexy and may not be as sexually attractive to others as you could be. Yes it takes work and some discipline to be healthy, no one is denying that, but it’s worth it.

You shouldn’t need to be reminded of the reasons why you need to get or stay healthy. Picture your kids. Picture your spouse or significant other and friends. Think about what their lives would be like without you. Do whatever it takes to find your motivation and hold onto it. It isn’t easy but it is doable, and for many people it’s a life or death situation. You deserve to get healthy for yourself and for your loved ones.

People tend to blame their sedentary lifestyle and basic aging for their girth. This is partially true, but not the real reason most people over 40 are overweight or obese. Most people lose muscle as they age due to inactivity and inefficient forms of exercise.  Seventy percent of all the calories you burn everyday are burned in skeletal muscle. To rebuild strong, fit, and metabolically active muscle you need to do short duration, high intensity skeletal muscle work.

When you build this new and fit muscle you will create a higher metabolism. In other words, the stronger you are the higher your metabolism and the more calories you’ll burn just sitting there. Truly. This is why walking on a treadmill for hours is not the answer. Sure you’re burning calories, but only while you’re walking. Since cavemen no longer exist outside of museums, it is safe to say you can’t spend all of your waking hours walking. You need to increase your metabolism to burn calories all the time, and that means you need to build metabolically active muscle. Let’s get to the gym and start the Burn Calories workout. You can do it, and as a matter of fact – you have to. It is time to get healthy, lose weight, and feel sexy again.

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