The Burn Calories plan is a medically proven way to lose weight, gain muscle, and be thin, fit, energized, and sexy. You can keep walking for hours on the treadmill, but if it isn’t getting you results (and it isn’t) it’s time to try something new. By adding the basic Burn Calories weightlifting regimen after 15 minutes of cardio, you’ll continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished your workout. Many people associate weightlifting with Arnold Schwarzenegger – that isn’t what we’re going for. The Burn Calories workout will give you a lean, toned figure. By toning the muscles in your body, you’ll become an all day lean, mean, calorie-burning machine.

Beyond the gym, if you start every day with “crunches in your car” and do them throughout your day, you’ll not just look better, you’ll maintain your main engine and core strength. Toned abs are more than just sexy, they help you maintain good posture and prevent future injuries. Your abdominal muscles are also one of the biggest muscle groups – meaning they’ll help you the most in burning calories while in sedentary situations.

By doing a mixture of regular crunches and car crunches throughout the day you should hit 300-500 crunches every day. This sounds daunting but you can do car crunches literally everywhere: driving to work, sitting in your cubicle, at a kid’s birthday party. What else are you doing? We are talking about 5-10 minutes a day that would otherwise be wasted. Start using this time to build muscle. Get your engine going to burn calories all day, every day.

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