It’s six o’clock in the afternoon on a Friday evening and the JFK airport is incredibly packed. I have to wait for my flight at least one more hour and my stomach is begging me for some food, so I cave in and head to the food court. To my surprise, there are a few healthy choices on this side and I proceed to buy a somewhat healthy salad and go find a seat. As I’m walking toward an empty spot, I notice this guy eating his burger in the most intelligent way someone would eat their fast food burger: without the buns.

Fast Food Smart

When you leave the buns out of the equation, you’re eating the meat and the cheese which is pure protein. We know that the meat from these chains is way overcooked, so it is not as bad as it seems. This guy has taught me that there are smart ways to eat fast food and it is my duty to share them with you, because this process isn’t about dieting hard but dieting smart!
What other calorie-cutting tricks would you suggest for us to try while eating out?


Tim Fischell, M.D.


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