Almost all Americans have a sedentary lifestyle. From five until 22 we’re expected to sit in a classroom for four to eight hours every day, which is a great way to prepare us to sit in a cubicle for forty to sixty hours a week. The first humans couldn’t survive like this. One million years ago if you sat down, you’d die. Our eating habits and our approach to exercise need to realign with the more sedentary nature of today’s world of TV, computers, and video games. In order to reinvigorate our metabolism as we age we must build muscle.

Most people can’t afford to quit their jobs to walk around all day like cavemen did, but by following the Burn Calories workout you’ll build lean, strong, and metabolically active skeletal muscle. This lean muscle is necessary to burn calories, whether you’re sitting at a desk or sleeping there. Plus, if you’re working 40+ hours a week you don’t have time to spend hours upon hours in the gym. Why burn 400 calories in two hours a day on a treadmill when you can burn thousands with 2-3 hours in the gym each week?

Make a commitment today to be the best possible you. Dedicate three hours a week to working out – whether at home, an inexpensive gym, or (if you can afford it) an expensive athletic club. Now is the time, and Burn Calories will help get you there.

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