There are entire websites dedicated to sexy men and women over the age of 50. Check out the latest bikini pictures of 62 year old actress Jane Seymour! Wow. You can be fit, thin, and look fantastic as you age. While most of these people are genetically blessed in one way or another, they wouldn’t look great if they ate 30 twinkies a week and never hit the gym. That isn’t possible for anyone. Sean Connery can’t be an attractive octogenarian without sticking to a specific diet and workout plan, but that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy life.

A healthy diet doesn’t mean you constantly deprive yourself of your favorite foods, it means you focus on moderation, make most of your own food, and occasionally treat yourself. Most importantly we need to “connect our mouth to our brain.” We need to stop eating when we are not hungry, and stop eating when we are full!

Our bodies are still genetically programed to believe that when we eat it’s feast time and we must hoard for famine. Unfortunately, it is incredibly easy to feast every day, all day in today’s world. By eating an unnecessary number of calories every day, you’re telling your body it is a time to feast, and you’ll store calories like a bear preparing for hibernation. This leads to weight gain and when coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, a loss of muscle mass. As we’ve discussed in the past, muscle loss leads to a decrease in metabolic activity resulting in a very sad positive feedback loop, and an epidemic of obesity and Type 2 diabetes. This is reversible!

Don’t give up. Eat only when you’re hungry and only until you’re full. Prepare your meals yourself, and only give yourself special treats every once in awhile – not for every meal.

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